Non-Medical Gurney Transport

Providing Non-Emergent Ambulance Transport throughout the Northwest, A.R.T. identified an unique need in today’s ever changing medical insurance environment. Continuing our high quality standard of Ambulance Services, A.R.T. has utilized ambulance personnel to develop and staff a Non-Medical gurney transport. Thus filling the need for bed to bed transportation between residence, specialty facilities, and hospitals.

  • Servicing the Greater Northwest and Treasure Valley

  • Outstanding Customer Service is our number one goal

  • Staffed by two EMT-basic, or higher, Emergency Medical Technicians

  • All staff background checked and board certified

  • Secure Transport, Oxygen capable up to 4 liters

  • Bed to Bed Transfers, Air Mattress Capable

  • Family member accompaniment available

  • Available for standby or will call return service